Thursday, December 1, 2011


Christmas comes early from Wambui Mukenyi  This been my second collection,i cant even start to explain how greatfull i am to all the people who have helped in putting my work out there,i have been featured on many blogs and website and i am totally greatfull to each and every single person,who has given an encouraging word and pushed me to be where i am today.
So yaaaay its that time of the year again,where we all go out looking for gifts for friends and family and i want to make it easy for you by offering a 30% OFF DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING in my new collection and also on my website check it up here .
you can either BUY ONLINE or come to my SHOP in Parklands,Highridge,Diamond Plaza 2nd floor.

Lets celebrate our christmas early!!

Feel free to get in touch with me on or

                                             was Kshs 6,500.00  NOW kshs 4,550.00

                                                   Was Kshs 4,800  NOW Kshs 3,360.00
                                           The top comes in diferent prints

                                               was Kshs 4,500  NOW Kshs 3,150
                                               The shirt comes in diferent prints
                                     Jacket  was Kshs 5,500  NOW  Kshs 3,850
                                     Pants were Kshs  5,000 NOW  Kshs 3,500 
                                     The head bow was Kshs 800 NOW Kshs 560.00

                                     The jacket sequins come in diferent colours,pink and green
                                     The pants come in black and pink
                                     The bow comes in diferent prints and sizes

                                     The shorts were Kshs 3,500.00 NOW Kshs 2,450.00
                                      The sheer top was Kshs 3,000 NOW Kshs 2,100.00
                                      The Sling Bag was Ksh 2,500 NOW Kshs 1,750.00
                                      The shorts and sling bag also come in diferent colours

                                    The polka dots Jumpsuit was Kshs 5,500 NOW Kshs 3,850
                                      The shirt was Kshs 4,800 NOW kshs 3,360
                                       The Pants were Kshs  5,000 NOW  Kshs 3,500 
                                       The Handbag Was Kshs 6,000 NOW 4,200

                                  The Maasai and bow dress was Kshs 8,500 NOW  Kshs 5,950

                                    The yellow and brown Jumpsuit was Kshs 5,500 NOW Kshs 3,850

                               The Jacket Was Kshs 6,000 NOW  Kshs 4,200
                                The Fuschia Rose dress was kshs 7,500 NOW Kshs 5,250
                                 The Handbag Was Kshs 6,000 NOW 4,200

                             The Linen bow dress was kshs 9,500 NOW Kshs 6,650

                                   The Diamond Maxi dress Was Kshs 8,000 NOW Kshs 5,600
                                    The head bow was Kshs 800 NOW Kshs 560.00

                              The Black bow dress Was Kshs 7,000 NOW Kshs 4,900
                             The Handbag Was Kshs 6,000 NOW 4,200

                             The Leather and sheer dress was kshs 6,000 NOW Kshs 4,200

                                 Animal Print Flower dress Was Kshs 6,500 NOW Kshs 4,550

                               The Jumpsuit was Kshs 5,000 NOW Kshs 3,500
                                The Belt was Kshs 1,000 NOW Kshs700
                                The Jumpsuit and belt come in different prints

Please note that theirs more on my website,seleceted items on my website will also have a 30% off sale.
head here   for more of christmas goodies
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Remember we also do custom make clothes.


  1. I can't decide which i like best because i LOVE them all. Keep up the amazing work Wambui & Nancie better werk, love the make up & especially that lip color.

  2. And there goes my savings!living on bread and water for the next two weeks lol

  3. @ Imani and @Anonymous -come by the shop and see more...

  4. am spoilt for choice,totally love your new collection,your designs are faboulas!

  5. Hey
    How do I buy online coz am clicking on the image and all i get is the full picture..


  6. Hey Sheila,you can go to
    to buy online. Thanx

  7. Can i still get the maasai print handbag?