Monday, March 28, 2011

some tiger prints....

 I tried this out over the weekend,some yellow nail polish and black spots...i first saw this on The Fashion Notebook

My jewelry is from Maasai Market

-The dress from is from Sharzville....she has a shop in westlands Masion, its worth a visit.
-Aldo bag
-n flats from a shop in town, cant remember which one.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Online Fashion Magazine in Kenya!!!

Its been a lot of hard work and  lots of fun too putting this project together,while working with a team of really creative minds  : Leon Muli the photographer,Nancie Mwai a Kenyan Fashion blogger/stylist,great services of Kehl Designs and me...

Kasha Magazine will be a free online fashion and lifestyle Magazine that will celebrate Kenyan and African Fashion. The aim will be to spotlight upcoming and established designers, stylists, makeup artist,models,and other forms of art..... The magazine which will be a bi-monthly mag ,will be launched on April 13th,so keep your self posted here  Kasha Magazine on face book.
I am so excited about this new baby...its a dream come true,so more hard work and latest fashion news will be reaching you every now and then from this magazine....
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Look of the Day

This is the latest addition in my closet, custom made by Achie Otigo.

Have a fun filled weekend!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lets get to know more about Ramah Nyang

 Read this in a bass
cough''cough'' i got to do this interview with the husky voice guy of Kiss tv,yep the one who reads news at around 9pm.....i know a number of young people wona be in the media industry.
I believe it starts with passion ,He is only 23yrs and making it,taking one step at a time and moving on towards his dreams...

1. Kiss Tv News editor at Age 23…tell us how you got to be here?    

It took 4 years of work to get here. Started out in Classic in 2006 worked my way up from that point on.

2. How would your friends describe your style?

 Depends on who you ask. My male friends would probably say I have a very strong addiction to Jeans, shirts and hoodies. My female friends would give you a list a mile long on why I need to look more formal and less informal. :-):-). That said, my style tends to be very laid back, and a cross between formal and informal attire. Jeans, sneakers, a shirt and a half sweater are my usual work attire when not on air. 
 so do not look up on him,in the style department....:)

3. Any Embracing Moments on Air?

 Embarassing moments....plenty! Having a blank spell in a weekend interview on KTN with Martha Karua is one such moment. That interview was a disaster for me, since I lost the initiative at that point. 

4. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why?

I'd trade places with Jeremy Clarkson. Why? Who wouldn't want to be paid to drive cars really fast, be a geek, and be a grease loving monkey under the hood, then have that on TV?
( i will answer that for they dont have that anymore)

5. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

 Chiwetel Ejiofor. As an actor he's just about as good as Hugh Laurie or Hugo Weaving, across numerous roles, from a cold hunter in Firefly, to a thinking, pragmatic American spy catcher in Salt, too a scientist with a conscience in 2012.

6. If you were a tree (or animal) what kind of tree (animal) would you be?

  I'd probably be a Leopard. 

(  i actually didnt manage to ask him why,he choose a leopard i seem to think interesting choice haa)

7..Given a chance to choose a different career path what would you be?

 I'd be in 3 industries, video games - as a writer, manga, again, as a writer, and anime, as a writer, director and voice actor.

8.Whats your ultimate dream?
8) To own Africa's largest finance and media conglomerate.

( all the best in this Ramah,if you can see it and believe it you can achieve it)...aarghh didnt want to sound so usual,but hey that's the best i have heard and known since i was tiny bitty,and its true...:)

9 .Words of wisdom to people looking upto you?

Be yourself. A first rate you, is more valuable than a second rate copy of someone else.

I love that last part... 

Have a lovely and friutfull weekend ahead!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If you cant work it,leave it!!

This is one of the things that kills me,i mean totally disturbs shit out of me seeing a woman in a high heel she cant work.........most of the women as we know love shoes and handbags....personaly am crazy about the two...but their is nothing as fugly as wearing a heel you cant walk looks totally silly to strut on the street looking like a kangaroo hoping up and about..and even worse when your in a skirt and everyone can see your knees..coz trust me a confident woman in heels has her knees straight all the time,( that's from experience)..
A high heel your not comfortable in can cause you more harm than you can imagine.

Below is a good example, # 1.  spraining your heel.....and oooh trust me this is painful, it take you ages to ever walk in heels again.....with all the shame of falling when there's people around...bad,bad,bad..fugly fugly site.!!!

Then there's bruising your toes,stressing the joints of the foot and can even contribute to knee and back surely don wona have any of to avoid all this if you are a lover of high heels how about starting out slow,buy a 2inch heel to start with,then keep graduating as time goes on....comfort is always the key to any outfit you dorn on coz you dont want people looking at you ridiculously on the street if you having a funny walking style due to the heels you choose.

am working on wearing an 8inch...:) i have conquered 6 inch, so far comfortable...

so if you cant work it...leave it to those who can...and keep practicing till you get perfect..

perfect practice makes perfect !!

Have a fashionable Thursday!!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My weekend at the Fashionist

I wore this to the fashionist over the weekend.....the show had its good n bads you can read
on Nancie Mwai's Blog.

The red top from westlands Mansion
The jacket...forever 21
and an Aldo bag.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pants off!!!!

so this morning i was debating within my self whether to put up this post or not...but after what i saw yesterday and many more other days that i have seen this, i just couldn't help it......i saw this well dressed madame yesterday in a figure hugging skirt but one little aspect...who am i kidding, it was not a small aspect, not at all...a showing panty line,...... this can make your whole fabulous outfit look all messy and totally bad......the grandma panty, trust me they look totally & absolutely Getrude Mungai says it being smart starts from the Bra your wearing to the panty's then onto the clothes you put on...and for those who love figure hugging clothes,you would definately do yourself justice by either buying a selection of some shops they go for as little as kshs 350.....yep that cheap .....and for those who say thongs are uncomfortable their some nice ones called boy shorts ,they fit perfectly well under your bum ,meaning no panty lines just hoping not see anymore of those fugly looks anytime soon with soooooo many lingerie and panty shops in Nairobi.......sigh

this will help not show that dreaded panty line....

google images

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beauty with Brains

Ivanka Marie Trump,is one woman whom most of us would love to envy,born in 1981 on Halloweens day ,  is not only a billionaires daughter but also an accomplished business woman. "Beauty with brains"......sigh....She works for her daddy in the Trump organizations and also joined forces with  a diamond trading company to design and introduce a line of jewelry  called 'Ivanka Trump' ...check out her collections Here,   Her jewelry designs are exquisite with diamonds and gold being the main thing, one piece can go for as LOW as  $1000....and my jaw drops...
She has also been on the catwalk for the likes of Versace, Marc Bouwer and many more

 This earrings are from her diamonds , this rate my heart is beating faster and faster...they look heavenly..

7 Strand Rock Crystal Bead Necklace with Signature Oval Pave Diamond Clasp

 Ivanka was quoted saying  “It has never occurred to me that I have enough on my plate and I should stop now. There is always something better, bigger, sexier than what you’re doing."
Am sure she does her billionaire daddy proud,not waiting on him to provide the luxuries but actually working for her money.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

i don know what to call this....

The top from JM fashion House
                                                                   Trousers from Ngara.
shoes from Instyle 

On the other hand, I  found this pic of Simon Doonan who has been named in a list of 50 most stylish Newyorkers.
Just before you start rolling your eyes, going hell no,i read his biography and he is happily gay that explains him wearing heels i guess.

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In My wishlist

I see stars and get hot flushes just imagining myself owning one of this...:) ;) 

 Christian louboutin shoes

Dolce and Gabanna bag

Prada Bag

John Kaveke Dress....this i love the most,wishfull thinking of having it in my closet very soon....

Victoria Beckham dress....

Severine Devailly dresses...

Whats our wishlist like.?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The new addition to my closet

I am absolutely loving this dress,got it custom made for me by  Achie Otigo an upcoming fashion designer.
You dream it and she can make it for you,am excited about a project am working on with her,cant wait to share it with y'all.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Wonder Bra's

Lots of women don know how to choose a proper Bra,most just try out a bunch of Bra's and buy depending on the brand,the look and the price,mind you an unfitting bra can spoil your outfit.
To get that perfectly fitting Bra you first  need to know your measurements:...damn it took me a long time to know my measurements, anyhu,

1. First you need to measure your bust size,with the help of a friend.
*  Raise your arms out to the sides, forming the letter "T",  measure softly around the back of your bra band and around the fullest part of your bust.

2. Then you need to know your band size,to know this, you measure directly underneath the bust.

3.Lastly you need to know cup size,which can be established by

* Subtracting the band size from the bust size to get the cup size.
* The difference in inches corresponds to the cup size.
* 1" = A Cup, 2" = B Cup, 3" = C Cup, 4" = D Cup, 5" = DD Cup, 6" =

All these tips i was taught by the beautiful shop attendant,of my favorite bra shopping spot,so thanx to her i get to share this..:)

Personally i love padded bra's and strapless for that matter.

I don how to explain this, but i got a bra that has alot of pudding at the bottom...hope you get the picture ..:) it, they are called push ups,for those who aint that big and you still need the cleavage,that particular type does wonders.

My latest buy was this silicone Bra :) :) double smile.... from Lingerie world,Moi Avenue,its just perfect,can be worn with bareback dress/top and it holds up perfectly well..

This monkey kinda thing Bra......Not practical..but aheeeem!!

Now go get yourself that perfect Bra.

Love you'all!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I like to call her Diana Simbaress- The FOA Kenyan Finalist

 I like to call her Diana Simbaress- --for those who dont understand, simbaress means a lioness - she's got the courage,the body,the character and a smile that always lights up a room.She did Kenya proud during the Face of Africa 2010 by being among the top ten finalist..

1. I’ve read that you design, model, and you are also a writer. How do you balance all this on day to day basis? What is your schedule like?

My schedule is very crazy! I am up by 6. I like to catch the 6am news on KTN as I sip my coffee just for the first 15 minutes before hitting the shower and heading to work at 7am. My day time is spent at work where am either in the edit suite or out in the field on a shoot. I walk around with my sketch pad so am always sketching designs from dresses, to pants, to bikinis. Amidst my crazy schedule I get 2 hours every Wednesday and Friday to attend aikido self-defense classes which is like going to the gym for me. I am not doing any commercial writing now but the research is equally time-consuming. I mean, it’s crazy

2. You participated in Face of Africa…tell us about the experience

First of all, wow!!! It was amazing. I don’t know where to begin! Ok, we were 2 Kenyans in the boot camp and 24 girls from 12 African countries. Everyone seemed so unique but it was a competition, and everyone tried to get their good game on. We had in-house challenges at photo shoots, little contests, we were constantly being monitored and had to let the chaperone know where we were. I called off my semester to take part in the Mnet FOA! It was almost prestigious to have been selected. I posed with a snake! I met Jose Borain, a Calvin Klein model and now a top South African photographer. I worked with Andiswa Manxiwa, Jan Malan, David Tlale, Mustafa Hassan Ali… We were jetsetters, flying to Mombasa, to Jo’Burg, to Dar es Salaam then to Lagos… It was like being in a whirlwind for me but I must say am proud of myself having gotten to the top 10. It was not easy!

3. Which is the most memorable fashion show you ever participated in?

The most memorable Fashion shows I have ever participated in would have to be the Swahili Fashion Week and FAFA Fashion for Peace 2008

 Diana Nekoye there posing with Naomi Campbell

4. We are all looking forward to the launch of Simbaress fashion line… Give us a hint of what to expect and when the launch will be?

I am also looking forward to the launch of Simbaress Fashions!!! I have the designs, breaking the market is tough especially when it’s a side project. I have decided to try and get everything set, in good pace. You wouldn’t want to see just anything… I would like to showcase fashionable pieces. Patience is what I would tell most of my fans. And expect trendy African prints in the first collection.

5. There is a fire. You have two minutes to grab three favorite items out of your closet. What do you grab?

My Gucci heels

6. Given a chance to raid a celebrity of your choice closet… Who would it be?
Drew Barrimore

7. What is your ultimate dream?
To achieve happiness in life

8. A word of wisdom to everyone looking up to you?
Live, help, love. 

Thats Diana Flying the Kenyan Flag high in China during the Miss Bikini International .

Finally am looking forward to the launch of her collection,cant wait to have a few of Simbaress collections in my closet.Keep it here will tell you when the big launch is happening.

Lovely Day Y'all

Thursday, March 10, 2011

There i was in Paragasha event

I really had fun this day,i have listened to other bands before but trust me Anto Neosoul and the Paragasha band bring a whole new meaning to this, his got a smooooooooth voice,and his songs rock,all meaningful with smooth vibes that you can listen to any day,i just wonder why our radio stations don play this kinda music,the next time i have an event,which i believe all of you will attend .. psych..:)   Anto Neosoul is my official performer....and the good news is, he has been officially named as the host of Skiza Chart  Awards 2011 which is in April..clap,clap for Anto Neosoul

sorry about this pic,my camera is becoming abit fuzzy and also Anto was dancing so hard my cam couldnt catch up with him...:)

That's a forever 21 jacket and a Louis Vuitton clutch

Have a fun filled weekend!!
Love y'all