Tuesday, August 30, 2011

would you wear This?

would you wear any of the above?,those are more pieces from my collection...is it too daring or you would wear it to some place ??.....The pieces are up for sale,you can write to me on fashionamirabits@gmail.com
Photo courtesy Leon Muli
Model : Nancie Mwai

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


                               Patricia Kihoro Performing during the last episode of Tusker All stars
                                 Nancie Mwai Rocking away my Leather Dress during her graduation Party

It feels very good to see someone in one of my dresses and the two ladies above rocked them well and made me proud. They say a designer is as good as the people who wear her designs and i must say am proud to have dressed  the two diva's above.
If you want something similar to the above just give me a buzz and will transform your closet in a whiff..:)
Lots of love.xoxo

Monday, August 22, 2011

More from WM colections

Hello good people,i know its been long since i blogged,have been busy doing lots of stuff,will soon show y'all.
My website is been worked on,i somehow thought it will be finished by now,so i can launch it all together with the new collection,but since its taking a little longer than i thought,i just decided to show you a few more pieces of what is in the collection.

The jumpsuit is size 10.
I have it in size 8 and 12 also going for Kshs 4,500

                                          The Jacket is in size 8 to 12 Going for Kshs 4,500
                                          Trouser in size 8 to 12 going for Kshs 3,500

                                      Dress is in size 8 to 12 going Kshs 4,500

                               Dress is size 8 and 10 going for Kshs 4,500

                                   Dress in size 6 to 10 Going for Kshs 5,500
Model : Nancie Mwai
Photographer By Leon Muli