Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Fashion ENVY

Am looking forward to be a proud owner of some of this items since the cold season is here.

Enjoy your weekend ahead and remain Fashionable!!!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pregnant and Fashionable

Gone are the days when being pregnant meant wearing some hideous, ugly,loose clothes.For most people it seems that pregnancy and fashion don't always go hand in hand,but with so many shopping malls around catering for the soon to be mom's ,you have no excuse to wear loose ugly apparels.From pants, shirts, shorts, and skirts, you are sure to look great while you are pregnant and wearing the latest style. Whatever you do, don't just buy bigger clothing that do not fit correctly on your arms and shoulders. This will make you look bigger than you actually are.Buy yourself something pretty to wear, you deserve it, you will be carrying a baby for nine months,and am sure a soon to be mom doesnt want to have a whole 9months of fashion darkness.
 The world of fashion has accommodated pregnant women ,helping women who are expecting to be able to function in day to day life including work while also staying comfortable.

Just because your dressing for two doesnt mean you change your personal style.
 You should choose Jeans which have adjustable waistband, stretch fabric and a flattering cut,or you do a DIY by re-adjusting your old jeans by putting an adjustable waist band.
Pick up a figure-hugging top with a cute neckline to accentuate your baby bump.
A top accentuates your flirty and feminine look, while empire-waist shirt is also a great look. You can never go wrong with a cute top.
If you're looking for a skirt, you should try one with a lightweight material and a stretchy waistband (waistbands are, probably, the key-element in your pregnancy regarding clothes) Dress.
A maxi dress is all time magic dress for the soon to be mom,i was surprised to see even cute lbd's that
accentuate your baby bump,this would do well for a working woman.
Go for the lowest heel possible ,and if possible flat shoes will be better,you don want to hurt your toes and heel with all the weight your carrying

So stay fashionable while pregnant !!

Lots of Love!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holiday and shoping

Its been an interesting holiday for me,got to spend time with my family and that meant making lunch for about 15 people,am such a great host :) :)  and i also learnt how to change diapers,since i also had my nephews around phew!!  anyhu i went shopping Friday morning and wore this simple dress from westlands Mansion.
Come Sunday i was busy working on the next issue of  KASHA MAGAZINE which am totaly exicted about.For the time being keep checking out  Kasha Website for daily Fashion related news.

Lots of Love!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Brad pitt of Mexico

 In  Kenya we know him better as Alehandro, the guy who made many women make sure they were at home by 8 to watch the soap opera -In the name of love....i just couldn't miss it and now that he has been dubbed the Brad Pitt of Mexico,i totally agree with that tittle.He was shooting a video of the latest and upcoming  ( am into you ) song by the  famous songstress Jeniffer Lopez in some beach in Mexico........seriously am just drooling over this guy no pun intended to the love of my life.
William Levy was even quoted saying that he had fun shooting the video,coz Jennifer is Funny ,sincere and down to earth........hmmmmm
Cant seem to get the correct link to this song,hope the video is released soon.

I like her dress here,just awesome!!

was just thinking it would be such a hard choice choosing who is hotter than who in between the two....what do you think?

Monday, April 18, 2011

New,New, all New

The dress is the latest addition to my collection.
I bought the bag last week during a shopping spree with my pals,the price was unbelievable i just had to take it,from a stall in the cbd.

Have a superb Tuesday and keep reading   Kasha Magazine

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of the artist and their free will!!

Alot has been happening lately,was just checking out the cover of Harper's Bazaar Magazine May issue,Lady Gaga is on the cover and also a preview of her story claiming the horns on her face are just bones that come out when she is inspired..Yep they come out when she is inspired
she was also quoted saying  'I am an artist, and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me.'......she choose till the release of the born this way track for the world to see the protruding things on her face,she has completly denied surgery...aheeeem!!  saying that other pop stars who have had plastic surgery are harmful and promote insecurity

She had a perfomance in Florida  yesterday where she wore the outfit below....i surely would want to meet Gaga's designer...this is total creativity.

 Am yet to understand what's with Gaga and the bloody kinda outfits...anyhu That Lady Gaga

Have a lovely day!!

Photos :google image

Its finally Here - Kasha Magazine

It finally here,launching today at noon check  - click   Kasha Magazine  to view the much awaited magazine  from today 12 noon.

I have attached a behind the scenes you tube video for you to have a glimpse of its all about,Its the main fashion shoot in the magazine done by our editor  Nancie Mwai.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Look of the day -

The dress is from westlands Mansion
Shoes to old to remember
Necklace from a Kenyan designer Vaishali  Morjaria

Friday, April 8, 2011

Colour Block it like its hot

So colour blocking is the latest trend on the runways,i cant seem to make up my mind whether i like it or not,anyhu...
The trend  isn’t hard to accomplish, just grab the brightest of what you got in your closet and tango! These Trend is more about attitude and not the clothes. If you choose to go with the trend you should be quit courageous,ready to stand out and get a few stares.... and if you nail the look perfectly, people will be staring whilst you strut down the streets either because they are simply dazzled by your fashion sense, or you’ve temporarily blinded them.......its a trend for the courageous !!

Camilla Belle tried pulling off the colour blocking trend, landing herself in the list of worst dressesd celebrities.....i think its coz of the trousers..

Leighton Meester and Kristen Stewart pulled it off quit well..

The bright colours seem to make my moods change and feel happy....maybe i will try it,just maybe and i will most definately post a pic or two

Have a bright weekend,you might as well try the trend and if you do send me a pic..:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photography at its best

I have been following Stingo  for sometime now and  he has a way of making you feel like your flipping a vogue magazine with his pictures......just check em out..

To see more of this just check his web will love it..

Some more of the still moments captured that i love from other photographers

Keri Hilson for H&M Fashion Against AIDS Collection

Singer ,songwriter Fergie in a MAC make up advert sometime back.......i like the concept


The one above is from Leon Muli.

Enjoy Your Friday!!


Google Images



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My new Gift!!

The top is from westlands Mansion
Dress -  a gift from one of my readers/followers and friend.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Old is Gold

 The jacket is from my collection
Skirt and shoes,have been in my closet for sooo long cant remember where i got them from.
Getting closer to the launch of the first Kenyan Online Fashion magazine,8 days to go so keep yourself updated by liking our facebook page HERE
Your support is soo much appreciated!!
Love Y'all

Enjoy your Tuesday...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

At the Riverside Caffe

The scene is breath taking and very chilled out.
Its a calm place to go chill out and recollect your thoughts,i did excatly that with a glass of Sangria.....they serve in some supa huge glasses...
I have worn the above outfit Here before so nothing new.
Have a lovely Monday!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Taking a Healthy Break!!

I have been on leave for the past three days and totally enjoying myself,.......apart from the few times my workmates have called wanting to confirm something...nkktt......independence shuld be the word here...... waking up at 9,taking breakfast in a very relaxed way....( this is a special one for me because on a normal day i dont take breakfast) then taking shower and heading out to diferent spots to relax my mind...i beliv i am more creative than i was before the break...physk.....anyhu it got me thinking  as to how i can always feel this fresh and rejuvinated every a 10minutes or even 15minutes trick, to get me relaxing after a hard day of work.
I actually passed by Village market the other day, in this shop they sell candles and soaps...Aromatherapy soaps n candles to be specific....i bought the Lavender scented aromatherapy candles,like 5 just wondering on what kind of setting i shuld light them up since i don have a bathtub...maybe the way Merlin does it in the movies while chanting a spell.....:) am not sure ....was thinking around my living room.....while lying on my favourite couch...

Anyhu i read some of these things that i think wuld help to relax after a hard day at work

1. scents and fragrances of your choice can dramatically change your mood. You can try using lemon, lavender or chamomile aroma to your bath tub if you have one and if you dont like me, try to add them  to your surrounding for a pleasant atmosphere,which can be very effective.

2.. Make a hot cup of coffee or tea for yourself. Take some snacks or cookies with it. Your taste buds help boosting up your body to a great extent. You can also take some fruit juices or a plate of fresh veggies if you like ..or even crisps,icecream or a  piece of cake....and just in case you are dieting ......treat your self for once to these goodies..:)..bad advice i knooooow

Real temption right here....damn i takes serious strength to say no to one of this.....who am kidding i have no restriction whosoever  to what i eat......

3.Another step you should take towards relaxation is to get rid of your working clothes and shoes instantly as they keep your mind in stress. Wash your hands and face with fresh water and wear something comfortable of your choice. i personally prefer some shorts and my boyfriends vest......whatever you choose  make sure it makes your body relaxed and calm...

4.Then go on to your daily household chores while listening to your favourite music,i love listening to casting crowns and Third day my favourite bands...helps me relax

Have a relaxed weekend!!

lots of love