Friday, April 8, 2011

Colour Block it like its hot

So colour blocking is the latest trend on the runways,i cant seem to make up my mind whether i like it or not,anyhu...
The trend  isn’t hard to accomplish, just grab the brightest of what you got in your closet and tango! These Trend is more about attitude and not the clothes. If you choose to go with the trend you should be quit courageous,ready to stand out and get a few stares.... and if you nail the look perfectly, people will be staring whilst you strut down the streets either because they are simply dazzled by your fashion sense, or you’ve temporarily blinded them.......its a trend for the courageous !!

Camilla Belle tried pulling off the colour blocking trend, landing herself in the list of worst dressesd celebrities.....i think its coz of the trousers..

Leighton Meester and Kristen Stewart pulled it off quit well..

The bright colours seem to make my moods change and feel happy....maybe i will try it,just maybe and i will most definately post a pic or two

Have a bright weekend,you might as well try the trend and if you do send me a pic..:)


  1. thank youuuu :) oh wow love those x

  2. i LOVE color blocking - def one of my favorite trends!

  3. what, Camilla Belle looks fabulous!