Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Shiko Kimani spotted at the Grown and sexxy party dressed by me.
Its a sheer  and green linen maxi dress that i custom made for her to go with the party's green theme.
Hope you guy'z are enjoying your holidays!
Much Love

Friday, December 16, 2011


With Several Entries on this one,the lucky gal is Wangari Mwaura.Congrats!!

Please plan to pick up the jumpsuit from my shop in Diamond Plaza,2nd floor!

Have a lovely weekend Y'all!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Priscilla Anono SPOTTED Miss Africa USA Pageant

I got a chance to dress one of the contestants in the Miss Africa USA Pageant,We had to be patriotic with the flag going on one one of her dresses as that was required in the pageant.The Event was some time Last Month in Silver Spring, Maryland and she won the people's choice category.So proud of her and all the best!!

Have a lovely weekend a remember the sale is still on 

till the 16th December 2011 


Picture courtesy :Priscilla Anono

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Relax over the weekend in this

Relax over the weekend in this

Relax over the weekend in this by fashionamirabits -    polyvore

Dress is on sale from 5th December to 16th December for Kshs 6,650.00


In the spirit of this merry season,and for all the support i have gotten from my readers and fans,am doing a giveaway of this jumpsuit from my previous collection.African prints with bubble hands,can be worn to just about any occasion and would fit size 8/10

Click away to add this jumpsuit to your closet!

Rules of the Giveaway:

1. Follow my page on facebook here WAMBUI MUKENYI and also on Twitter here @mukenyiwambui

2. Leave a comment/email adress here and also on my facebook page WAMBUI MUKENYI

3.Give away runs from today 6th to 16th Dec 2011



Photo courtsey :Leon Muli
Model: Nancie Mwai of the Fashion Notebook

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Christmas comes early from Wambui Mukenyi  This been my second collection,i cant even start to explain how greatfull i am to all the people who have helped in putting my work out there,i have been featured on many blogs and website and i am totally greatfull to each and every single person,who has given an encouraging word and pushed me to be where i am today.
So yaaaay its that time of the year again,where we all go out looking for gifts for friends and family and i want to make it easy for you by offering a 30% OFF DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING in my new collection and also on my website check it up here www.wambuimukenyi.com .
you can either BUY ONLINE or come to my SHOP in Parklands,Highridge,Diamond Plaza 2nd floor.

Lets celebrate our christmas early!!

Feel free to get in touch with me on info@wambuimukenyi.com or fashionamirabits@gmail.com

                                             was Kshs 6,500.00  NOW kshs 4,550.00

                                                   Was Kshs 4,800  NOW Kshs 3,360.00
                                           The top comes in diferent prints

                                               was Kshs 4,500  NOW Kshs 3,150
                                               The shirt comes in diferent prints
                                     Jacket  was Kshs 5,500  NOW  Kshs 3,850
                                     Pants were Kshs  5,000 NOW  Kshs 3,500 
                                     The head bow was Kshs 800 NOW Kshs 560.00

                                     The jacket sequins come in diferent colours,pink and green
                                     The pants come in black and pink
                                     The bow comes in diferent prints and sizes

                                     The shorts were Kshs 3,500.00 NOW Kshs 2,450.00
                                      The sheer top was Kshs 3,000 NOW Kshs 2,100.00
                                      The Sling Bag was Ksh 2,500 NOW Kshs 1,750.00
                                      The shorts and sling bag also come in diferent colours

                                    The polka dots Jumpsuit was Kshs 5,500 NOW Kshs 3,850
                                      The shirt was Kshs 4,800 NOW kshs 3,360
                                       The Pants were Kshs  5,000 NOW  Kshs 3,500 
                                       The Handbag Was Kshs 6,000 NOW 4,200

                                  The Maasai and bow dress was Kshs 8,500 NOW  Kshs 5,950

                                    The yellow and brown Jumpsuit was Kshs 5,500 NOW Kshs 3,850

                               The Jacket Was Kshs 6,000 NOW  Kshs 4,200
                                The Fuschia Rose dress was kshs 7,500 NOW Kshs 5,250
                                 The Handbag Was Kshs 6,000 NOW 4,200

                             The Linen bow dress was kshs 9,500 NOW Kshs 6,650

                                   The Diamond Maxi dress Was Kshs 8,000 NOW Kshs 5,600
                                    The head bow was Kshs 800 NOW Kshs 560.00

                              The Black bow dress Was Kshs 7,000 NOW Kshs 4,900
                             The Handbag Was Kshs 6,000 NOW 4,200

                             The Leather and sheer dress was kshs 6,000 NOW Kshs 4,200

                                 Animal Print Flower dress Was Kshs 6,500 NOW Kshs 4,550

                               The Jumpsuit was Kshs 5,000 NOW Kshs 3,500
                                The Belt was Kshs 1,000 NOW Kshs700
                                The Jumpsuit and belt come in different prints

Please note that theirs more on my website,seleceted items on my website will also have a 30% off sale.
head here www.wambuimukenyi.com   for more of christmas goodies
Contact details :info@wambuimukenyi.com
Remember we also do custom make clothes.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christine Spotted

Thats christine Njeri spoting some African pants i made for her a while back.she wore the pants to London together Kenyan Achievers Awards.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spotted in Uganda

                  This is one of my clients from Kampala,she is wearing one of my dresses.
                  posing right there with her adorable son.
                  Its a maxi linen and sheer dress with some colourfull buttons.
                  she didn't manage to get a pic of it full length sorry!
                  Have a lovely Thursday and keep it stylish!xoxo

Wambui Mukenyi at the Saturday Magazine Relaunch

This show was held some time back in October at the Zen Gardens,I really enjoyed the show and was honoured to be the first designer to showcase.Enjoy the video of my mini collection !!
You can order any of the pieces by mailing me on info@wambuimukenyi.com

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shiko Kimani Spotted 2

 Thats shiko Kimani of Code Red dressed by me for a party she was attending in Carnivore some time back.
The dress is available in different sizes and also different masaai shuka prints.....mail me on info@wambuimukenyi.com if interested in adding a piece like that one in your closet!
Have a lovely week y,all...stay stylish!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AntoNeosoul - Chips Funga Video

Hey Y'all,i havent posted in long time,been up and down setting up my shop which i cant wait to unveil soon.
Anyhu my good friend Anto Neosoul was shooting a video for his chips funga song over the weekend and i just cant wait to see the video,He got some of my clothes for his video shoot and i get to share with you afew pics  and also the Audio of the song......keep it here for the video! will be posting it up as soon

Antoneosoul looking hoooot right there,and his voice marches the looks too,.listen to the audio of the song below!!
                                           Animal print dress from my collection,mail me if intrested
                                               in owning a piece like that availabe size 6 to 14
                                Rexine Leather dress also available in diferent colours : Red,Green
                                Brown,cream and yellow! availble in size 6 to 12,mail me if intrested!!

Listen to the Song  Here >>>>CHIPS FUNGA BY ANTONEOSOUL

For any questions feel free to mail me on info@wambuimukenyi.com

Have a lovely day and stay faboulas!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joann Holst - Spotted

                                     Joann Holst with Mr.Flavour
                       Thats Joann with a friend

                      I made her the jumpsuit to attend Naija night and she surely rocked it well.

Joann Holst at the Tusker All Stars Concert Spotted wearing an outfit i had made for her ,hanging out with Maina Kageni and DNG.