Thursday, June 23, 2011

With Enough time in your hands and alot of colours

so i have been having long long long nights of-late,don know why ma sleep is playing games with me and i totally don like it...but this is one of the many things i have been doing to keep me preoccupied in the long nights...i have too many nailpolishes and  i just couldnt choose one,so i decided to try multiple..:)..both hands have kinda diferent colours anyhu i like the whole look,though i wish i was able to do the spots in a straight time i will try ma best

Wishing y'all a lovely weekend ahead and stay fashionable!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jeantrix Movement - Supa Awesome!

The vibrant colours,the designs,everything about Jeantrix is just soooo inspired!!

Google Images

Fashionably Daring!

i love the above street pics,this is what daring to be diferent is all about,not dressing the same old way and blending in with everyone else.....I think Japanese people are on another level when it comes to fashion..
dare to be diferent and create your own style!
have a lovely day y'all!

google images

Friday, June 17, 2011

Leather Inspiration

                                   I know lady Gaga looks totally out of this world above but i like the neck and hands

I love some of the details on the above pieces...thats what i call leather inspiration...have a lovely friday evening,coz i know i will.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brogues - finally i got a pair

I saw the above pair of brogues online over a month ago and spent a couple of minutes just staring, salivating and  dreaming of what outfit i wuld couple them up with.......lemi just say luck was on my side yesterday,coz twas totally unplanned..i had no plans of shopping when i spotted the pair ...i seriously cant pass a shoe shop and not at least peep inside  whether am broke or yesterday was no diferent , i had no plans of spending that money considering am living on a serious budget..:) oook am learning on how to minimize my expenditures so i can refurbish my house abit....BUT, i couldnt let this pass me...i love it,i love it,i love it and am not feeling guilty one bit for spending that money on it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

its crazy but it inspires me

                                                a tent dress!

Just some of the pictures that are inspiring my upcoming collection.....i love this!

Have a lovely day Y'all

Some gifts for that special Man

For those of you who were lucky enough to have this special someone around you when you were growing up,you do know how important it is to have a father figure and a good one for that matter in your life,am guessing most of them do alot to make sure their kids get the best.....that is if He is a man enough not to shun his responsibilities.
Now if you are in the lucky lot,it wuld be best to appreciate your daddy by buying him something for fathers day..the pics above are just afew examples of what you can get him...if you can afford his dream car...why not? afterall he treated you right and gave you the best while you were growing up.If you can afford to make his dream come true ,just go on and  suprise him.
Now for those of us who did not get the luxury of growing with that father figure....( not that i am complaining my mum is the greatest ---you don want me to get started talking about how this woman is supa great and special to me) .....just aprreciate that special man in your life on this him something ...if it was upto me that day would be called Men's day not father's day so that every good man can be appreciated...:) not that am hating...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Prints everywhere!

I totally love african prints..thats what most of my collection is made of..anyhu thats just a simple dress from my collection
the waist coat was a gift from a good friend.
the shoes i have worn them here before,they are just on high rotation this days coz their comfortable and i love them. Am begining to adore boots so i will be saving up to buy some nice ones soon.

Have a lovely day dolls and remember to always stay fashionable!!
love y'all

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My weekend preview!

 I bought a new nail polish.....again,...and also did my hair,alittle diferent from the usual...just alittle diferent..
i took pictures of what am gon be wearing,since am travelling to see my grandpa and family a distance away and am sure its gon be the trench coat and scarf will do just fine......make sure you enjoy your weekend coz am sure i will enjoy y'all!!

                                             Luron Nail polish -
                                         Jewelry to go with ma outfit  and a drop of CD -
                                          ms dior cherrie perfume to complete the look.
                                       The boots.....i like!

 Have a lovely weekend Y'all!
Lots of love

Friday, June 10, 2011

My first boyfriend Jacket

Please don roll up your eyes coz of my title....i know its too late for me to be having my 1st boyfriend jacket....but its better late than never..right?  i got this jacket about two week ago,chosen for me by Nancie Mwai  ,she a good stylist i must say.
I decided to couple it up with Jeggings and  my boyfriend 's t-shirt  which is way too big for me but you cant tell coz the jacket fits well....

Have a lovely Friday and stay Fashionable ! xoxo