Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some gifts for that special Man

For those of you who were lucky enough to have this special someone around you when you were growing up,you do know how important it is to have a father figure and a good one for that matter in your life,am guessing most of them do alot to make sure their kids get the best.....that is if He is a man enough not to shun his responsibilities.
Now if you are in the lucky lot,it wuld be best to appreciate your daddy by buying him something for fathers day..the pics above are just afew examples of what you can get him...if you can afford his dream car...why not? afterall he treated you right and gave you the best while you were growing up.If you can afford to make his dream come true ,just go on and  suprise him.
Now for those of us who did not get the luxury of growing with that father figure....( not that i am complaining my mum is the greatest ---you don want me to get started talking about how this woman is supa great and special to me) .....just aprreciate that special man in your life on this day..buy him something ...if it was upto me that day would be called Men's day not father's day so that every good man can be appreciated...:) not that am hating...


  1. aww these are great gift ideas! i love my dad and cant wait to celebrate with him!

    i totally agree with you that it should be Men's Day because i'm sure there is something that you and many other people would rather celebrate! so why not, let's you and me call it Men's Day!

  2. @ zarna ....lets me and you keep as Men's day!