Sunday, June 5, 2011

Painting my world crazy

 in the past few weeks i have been obsessing about the new range of colours that Luron has,so every time i go to the supermarket i just find myself drawn to their shelves looking up for a diferent colour....for the past one week i have bought 4 Nailpolishes and decided to try just about all of them in a week.....from saturday till today so far i have tried all the above loving their new colours and they are so affordable at 95bob per polish.I also love Golden paris the quality is better and stays abit longer than Luron ,but anyhu Luron has some awesome colours.I took the photos with ma fone and am suprised at how bright they look.
Lovely week ahead!


  1. Birds of a feather...I bought like 16 nail polishes this weekend...I found a sale and went crazy. Loving the first yellow and the last pink...beautiful on you skin tone!