Friday, June 10, 2011

My first boyfriend Jacket

Please don roll up your eyes coz of my title....i know its too late for me to be having my 1st boyfriend jacket....but its better late than never..right?  i got this jacket about two week ago,chosen for me by Nancie Mwai  ,she a good stylist i must say.
I decided to couple it up with Jeggings and  my boyfriend 's t-shirt  which is way too big for me but you cant tell coz the jacket fits well....

Have a lovely Friday and stay Fashionable ! xoxo


  1. Lovely and so chic..I like how you went for a skinny belt.

  2. Dope!

  3. I love the jacket! looks great!! :)

  4. It definitely is better late than never! and I think you waiting for just the right one. I like it a lot.

  5. love the look. kudos Nancie.
    love the shoes