Monday, February 21, 2011

For the Lovers of Art

They say a picture says a thousand words,....i think a potrait says 2000 words ...:) recently i have been taking intrest in Art work...not the kinda complicated ones,the abstract ones...naaa naaa thats not for me,i like the self explanatory one's and when i came across what the Print Alive group is doing i just liked it ,loved it would be better,....i got myself a potrait and several Art pieces considering their prices are also very favourable......They have also done potraits for lots of celebrities

A painting i got for my house

A potrait of me...the photo used to make this potrait was taken while i was preparing to go to bed with a headscarf on

This is Anto of Paragasha Band.

Eve Desouza a media personality in Kenya

Sauti sol Potrait

The two guyz who make it happen.
Way to go guyz i love what your doing,it makes me appreciate Art.


  1. i love ur potrait...soo cool..

    follow if u like what u see?


  2. that potrait of u is badass. nice to see sauti sol the guys

  3. You have a great blog and will be an honor to have him in my site.
    Regards Vicen.

  4. Hello , you are already on "LOOK 10", if you are interested, please check and do some comment.

    You can also ask to be removed from LOOK 10.
    Pick your prize, "AWARD", if you want. It’s for your blog.


  5. wewe celeb...portrait of you?? so cool!x

  6. @ Nancie.....yea Celeb..haha
    @ Look 10 will lookup for it and thanx

  7. i like their work how can i contact them?

  8. @Life can check them up on face name Print Alive or also individual facebook page check up vynce maragia!/vynce.maragia

  9. hahaha thankx lol 4the great hype
    and your blog is of the huk,
    keep on marketing us PRINT ALIVE KENYA