Tuesday, February 8, 2011

African first Lady with Style

 Chantal Biya the Cameroon's First Lady has undeniably eclectric taste. She's never said no to bold color,  and  is reportedly a fan of Chanel and Dior, her most famous hairstyle being the banane....which she rocks quite well.  She is soo diva-fierce you just have to love her for that,from her hair,makeup ,garments, she always steals the scene especially compared to other African first ladies.Actually stealling the scene is an understatement....she is a queen among our African First ladies,when it comes to Fashion.

Pictures from: Google Images


  1. i hate her hair but i love her style! is that paris hilton!daang

  2. i love her boldness and overall style butthat hair is too big and shda stayed in the seventies. she is pretty i imagine she would look hotter with better hair. visit my blog