Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fashion Offenders

Their's a very thing line between sexy and trashy,wearing something creatively fashionable like Suzzie of style bubble,that gal is creative with her outfits ......and being a fashion offender when you overdo something like some of this celebrities.

From the look on Cher's face i think she scared herself with this one.

Macy Grey here tried to be a walking advert on the red carpet

Lil Kim i thank God this days are over.
I got this pic from a 2004

Katty Perry just couldnt decide whether she wanted a dress or suit and ended up like this.
I think some of this people need to learn how to say no to thier stylist at times.

This Topped my list,she decided alittle bit of swim wear and body paint would do.

 This is a Kenyan artist perfoming....aaaaah its just to much skin showing

Stay Fashionable....

Pictures from Google images


  1. this post is so on point.. I think women have reached a point where they need to decide whether they want to be respected or bendovered

  2. I choose respect and at the same time look fashionable.

  3. woww!!Lovee the post!!xx

  4. Its a great post but I totally disagree, the line between sexy and trashy is broad. The images you posted are people who have gone past the line and fallen off the cliff :)