Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 hour in shoe heaven

To those who love shoes,as in really love shoes you know what i mean when i say i was in shoe heaven......its the feeling of walking into a shoe shop,where every corner you turn has a faboulas pair staring at you.....the aaaaaahhhha moment of wanting to own every pair in that shop....that is what my day was like on Saturday, i went to check out shoes at the Backyard shoe shop in westlands and couldnt help but get me a lovely pair...if wishes were........i would want to own just about every stilleto in that shop...its worth a visit ladies,for all types of shoes.....
i got me a new look

This was a lovely saturday and i cant wait to get the perfect outfit to march up with my new shoe.
The dress is from My collection. Lesso Fabric again!!

Stay Fashionable!!


  1. wow!!! i want all of them!! i can never get enaf of shoes

  2. love the dress and those shoes are divine!x

  3. Shoe galore indeed. And that dress is fabulous on you!