Thursday, January 27, 2011

Naija s'got talent

For those of us who like African movies.......nope...lemi rephrase that...for those of us who looooove African movies,Genevieve Nnaji is a darling ..preety and also good at what she does
This movies started like a joke here in kenya and right now almost every tv station has either a movie or a soap going on every day....anyway lemi just give them a slack of it,this guys are waaaay ahead in terms of producing way too many movies each year,but i must say their wadrobes on set are at times pathetic for luck of better words....aaaah sometimes they  try or lemi say are good.
But outside set Genevieve has some reall good taste in clothes,got some pics of her in diferent events looking waooooh......way to go Genevieve we love you!!

Have a fashionable friday y'all!!

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