Friday, January 28, 2011

The Saturday craze

Its another Saturday again and looking back over the years and i can help but  'sigh' coz am tired of these jeans and tees thing going on with just about every woman on Saturdays...dont get me wrong i have nothing against that look,....who am kidding...i am up in arms against it...... most people will say they go for comfort while dressing on saturdays,but damn we kenyan women need to change from this boring look,i may not be a fashion guru, but that look breaks my bones.....
There so many ways you can put on them jeans with a couple of diferent tops and a low heel or even flat shoes and look fab ,i took my time looking at how our western celebrities pull off this looks,trust me you can get the same look here in Kenya, similar or even better tops from shops like westlands stalls,Freddies,Mr.Price and yea Gikomba and toy market too

Have a fashionable saturday!!


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