Friday, January 21, 2011

Think Shoes

Apart from filling my closet with all sorts of stuff,am in love with shoes,just cleared my closet off a couple of shoes and now i need to go on shopping spree soon,here are just afew things i was looking at and wishing.......ooooh how i wish i could get them.Christian Louboutin shoes,you can check more of this on,they have a sale

Now back to reality or abit close to home i get most of my shoes from the backyard shoez shop in Westlands check em out on facebook,they have hwaaaaaaaaat and i mean hoot selections check afew of em here

This is one baby i desire sooooooo much,....see you soon in my closet.

Enjoy your weekend,y'all fashionistas


  1. hot stuffffffffff

    It’s no wonder these Christian Louboutin pumps are selling out so fast, who knew purple looked so good with red? It’s not a color combination I would have chosen, but it works. Really, any color looks good with red, as long as it’s the red from Louboutin’s signature sole. This Fall purple is the new black in footwear. All the top cobblers feature a purple pump in their collection, but as usual for me, the Louboutins are my favorite.

  3. i know its about a year late but i want these can i get them?