Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joann Holst - Spotted

                                     Joann Holst with Mr.Flavour
                       Thats Joann with a friend

                      I made her the jumpsuit to attend Naija night and she surely rocked it well.

Joann Holst at the Tusker All Stars Concert Spotted wearing an outfit i had made for her ,hanging out with Maina Kageni and DNG.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shiko Kimani Spotted

I love,love,love ,how she looked in this ...Thats Shiko Kimani of Code red looking fab in one of my dresses.Her make up was also on point.She wore the dress to the Grown and Sexxy party and she surely represented me well.
Photo Courtesy : Porgie .C .Rosso

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Curvaceous and Faboulas - Naomi in Wambui Mukenyi

 She ordered for her dresses/clutch bag online from Sydney, Australia and i was so glad to see how they fitted her perfectly,i love the combination  of how she rocked the dress with a yellow sweater .You can read more on her blog...Imoan's Wordrobe  
She is curvaceous and faboulas, its a stretch dress so it brings out the best out of you and holds on to your curves perfectly.
You can add one of these to your closet ...mail me on

Have a lovely day!xoxo

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nairobi Fashion Market 2011

Got to stop by Nairobi Fashion Market yesterday,twas good meeting other guyz in the industry and seeing new stuff in the market.i bought something interesting for me and cant wait to dorn it.i later went to visit my good friend who just got the little blessing (Gabby) am holding above,she is sooo cute and tiny i was all tensed up while holding her...sooo fragile..somehow after seeing Gabby,i just cant wait to have my own,lets say 3 years from now....Twas a fun weekend well spent.
Have a fab week ahead!xoxo

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Incase

I found this photos in my archives,had gone to some fair awhile back but seemed busy on phone all along, just incase you forgot what i look like..:) since have been posting alot about my work lately ..its been interesting working with all sorts of people,and am also humbled to have an awesome clientele.I never imagined it would be like this,with lots of support from my friends and  some clients i am steadily growing.I cant forget to mention my very dedicated assistant who works tirelessly to make sure everything goes right for me.The texts i get from her in the morning asking me if theirs any work for her and what i have scheduled for her,reminds me of the importance of having true friends.I appreciate y'all for the support and the constructive criticism that has made me strong!xoxo

The whole outfit - gifts from my lovely friends

The Jewelry - gift from my Amore.

Have a superb day!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spotted in Wambui Mukenyi in Lavington

Thats Lynn Wawira Looking gorge in one of my dresses...i loved how she paired up the dress with green kitten heels...awesome.

i loved this pic,lynn was trying to hide so we couldnt spot her in the pic......she hid quite well right?...:)

                and there goes Monica Were spotting one of my handbags....i loved the boyfriend  jacket,looking
        Thats Judy Njagi,looking gorge in one of my designs....she rocked it well,with the stockings and must
         say her stilleto was an Aldo...:)

All dresses available in diferent sizes...6 to 16.

Have yourself an awesome day!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Edith Kimani - Spotted Hosting Safaricom Classical Fusion

                           Edith Kimani on stage hosting the Safaricom Classical Fusion.

I was all tense while getting this dress done,i wanted it to be perfect coz their was no time for adjustments.The Long working hours paid off,coz she loved the dress when she came for fitting.
The dress is from my line
The earrings from Ellah of Jewellahry
You can also have that lovely dress.Available size 6 to 12
Have a lovely Stylish day!!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tori Kioko -Spotted

Tori Kioko Spotted at The Kisima Awards Rocking one of my dresses,( The long linen and bow dress ).
Tori is such a last minute gal,we had to figure out something for her to wear about 4 hours to the event but we managed to fit her into that dress.You could also add one of those to your closet,have it from size 6 to 14.
Have a lovely week ahead!!