Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Incase

I found this photos in my archives,had gone to some fair awhile back but seemed busy on phone all along, just incase you forgot what i look like..:) since have been posting alot about my work lately ..its been interesting working with all sorts of people,and am also humbled to have an awesome clientele.I never imagined it would be like this,with lots of support from my friends and  some clients i am steadily growing.I cant forget to mention my very dedicated assistant who works tirelessly to make sure everything goes right for me.The texts i get from her in the morning asking me if theirs any work for her and what i have scheduled for her,reminds me of the importance of having true friends.I appreciate y'all for the support and the constructive criticism that has made me strong!xoxo

The whole outfit - gifts from my lovely friends

The Jewelry - gift from my Amore.

Have a superb day!!