Monday, October 10, 2011

Nairobi Fashion Market 2011

Got to stop by Nairobi Fashion Market yesterday,twas good meeting other guyz in the industry and seeing new stuff in the market.i bought something interesting for me and cant wait to dorn it.i later went to visit my good friend who just got the little blessing (Gabby) am holding above,she is sooo cute and tiny i was all tensed up while holding her...sooo fragile..somehow after seeing Gabby,i just cant wait to have my own,lets say 3 years from now....Twas a fun weekend well spent.
Have a fab week ahead!xoxo


  1. super cute baby!getetting mine this year,lol! love the prints on ur dress.

  2. You've seen Gabby before me... I need to pay our good friend a visit very soon.. she is such a cutie..