Sunday, May 29, 2011

Its all about Fashion and Love!!

Its been 6 months since i started working with Kasha Magazine and i must say its been a dream come true,a project that is so close to my heart...coz i heart fashion..:) its my first love y'all know.

 Photography by Leon Muli
The next issue is coming up in about 3weeks and would like to keep you  my lovely readers posted on all the news.I will be posting behind the scenes pic soon of the photoshoot i did for this coming issue
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Have a lovely week ahead! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Woman am feeling so much this days!

These days am feeling pregnant women so much,( this is after seeing so many fashion victims ) ...thinking of how they can stay fashionable and comfortable,am guessing for so many first time mothers, getting the right outfit is usually a daunting task.
Anhyu as usual,last week i passed by my favorite shoe shop,am seriously obsessed about shoes ...and the good thing is, Backyard shoe shop has some very new and stylish shoes, yea they have new stock and its awesooooome , they have some very nice wedges which i just thought would do great for a pregnant woman.
I think the heel is comfortable coz its not too high considering it has a platform.
To all pregnant mothers, please visit Infant Infinity  they have some very helpfully tips .

this will be my next buy,i will load pics as soon

Have a lovely weekend and stay Fashionable!

My first collection!

These are some of the pieces from my first collection,got featured on Sunday nation a while back done by Nancie Mwai. Crazy as it may sound i made everything to my size,.......such that only the friends who are my size got to buy.Anyway am working on a new collection which hopefully will be out by end of June,am excited about it coz its not your everyday wear,its going to be for the courageous only....
Am sorry the pics are not so clear.

Have a lovely Friday and Stay Fashionable!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of The Meal and the Friend Indeed!

It looks sumptuous, i know...I had dinner here with two friends,lemi rephrase that ,one very good friend of me Nancie Mwai.     forgive a gal for going for the same ol thing on the menu...yea chicken and me that menu had so much more but i prefered this and for those of you who like shisha this is the place to be caffee Habib at only kshs 1,500.
Life has a way of throwing at you some interesting pieces to just make it more juicy,this night we got to hang out with a brother who believes in women paying all the bills..sigh..anyhu that didnt spoil our mood coz we had so much fun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Girls night out!!

                           Dress is from my collection - first time to wear it!

                          Putting on some make up -The red Pout
My shoe from Backyard shoe shop

                   My new ring -gift from Nancie Mwai

Twas an awesome night hanging out with kasha magazine's  Editor Nancie Mwai.

If you are by any chance in westlands try out the new Habibi Caffe opposite Soin Arcade,great ambiance and good services,their food is awesome.

Have a lovely day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Andre 3000 loves colour!!

I love his sense of style,apart from being a musician and actor he also launched his own label called Benjamin Bixby ,which has some very interesting collections,not your everyday kinda stuff.
I love the colours in his outfits,he stands out from a crowd!

Have a bright weekend!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jewelry Do's and Dont's

I havent blogged in a long time,since i don have a camera to take pics of my personal outfits,will be getting one over the weekend so will resume to that,in the mean time i wona give you afew tips on jewelry since i saw some disasters at the groove awards on the accesories part, i hope this will help.

1.Do not wear white jewelry with white clothing instead get a diferent colours of accesories that contrast with your outfit
.2.Wearing big earrings and a huge neckpiece looks messed up,tone one down, either you wear minimal seized earrings and chunky necklaces ,or vice verser to bring out a great look! can always combine chokers and long strand necklaces it always looks great!

4 Shinny clutch bag during the day is a no no hell no!!
 5.If you have a wide neck, you can balance that by wearing graduated necklaces, which are very thin around the side of the neck and larger below the collarbone.
6.If you have a long, thin neck that you don't want to accentuate, try a triple-strand necklace, with the shortest strand hugging the base of the throat. Avoid V-shaped chains.
7. I know many have said this is a no no,but i think you can layer silver and gold chains together for a fashion forward look....

have an awesome day!
lots of love!