Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Woman am feeling so much this days!

These days am feeling pregnant women so much,( this is after seeing so many fashion victims ) ...thinking of how they can stay fashionable and comfortable,am guessing for so many first time mothers, getting the right outfit is usually a daunting task.
Anhyu as usual,last week i passed by my favorite shoe shop,am seriously obsessed about shoes ...and the good thing is, Backyard shoe shop has some very new and stylish shoes, yea they have new stock and its awesooooome , they have some very nice wedges which i just thought would do great for a pregnant woman.
I think the heel is comfortable coz its not too high considering it has a platform.
To all pregnant mothers, please visit Infant Infinity  they have some very helpfully tips .

this will be my next buy,i will load pics as soon

Have a lovely weekend and stay Fashionable!


  1. loving both of these pumps!

    the blue are perfect :p