Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If you cant work it,leave it!!

This is one of the things that kills me,i mean totally disturbs shit out of me seeing a woman in a high heel she cant work.........most of the women as we know love shoes and handbags....personaly am crazy about the two...but their is nothing as fugly as wearing a heel you cant walk looks totally silly to strut on the street looking like a kangaroo hoping up and about..and even worse when your in a skirt and everyone can see your knees..coz trust me a confident woman in heels has her knees straight all the time,( that's from experience)..
A high heel your not comfortable in can cause you more harm than you can imagine.

Below is a good example, # 1.  spraining your heel.....and oooh trust me this is painful, it take you ages to ever walk in heels again.....with all the shame of falling when there's people around...bad,bad,bad..fugly fugly site.!!!

Then there's bruising your toes,stressing the joints of the foot and can even contribute to knee and back surely don wona have any of to avoid all this if you are a lover of high heels how about starting out slow,buy a 2inch heel to start with,then keep graduating as time goes on....comfort is always the key to any outfit you dorn on coz you dont want people looking at you ridiculously on the street if you having a funny walking style due to the heels you choose.

am working on wearing an 8inch...:) i have conquered 6 inch, so far comfortable...

so if you cant work it...leave it to those who can...and keep practicing till you get perfect..

perfect practice makes perfect !!

Have a fashionable Thursday!!

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  1. OMG thats awful arrghh am scared now am always on heels lol xxx

  2. yaani that picture is super funny and her heel aint so high! awesome post!

  3. that looks like it hurt -___- good post!!

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