Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In My wishlist

I see stars and get hot flushes just imagining myself owning one of this...:) ;) 

 Christian louboutin shoes

Dolce and Gabanna bag

Prada Bag

John Kaveke Dress....this i love the most,wishfull thinking of having it in my closet very soon....

Victoria Beckham dress....

Severine Devailly dresses...

Whats our wishlist like.?


  1. I sooo badly want that prada bag:(

  2. well i saw the first pair of shoe in another website and i chocked!!! so hot so expensive!!! That Kaveke dress is on point!! Hiyo unaweza pata :)

  3. kaveke dress lovely

  4. The four tone Louboutins are to die for. And I love the Kaveke dress, really impressive detailing.

  5. @Duchess , really thinking about that kaveke dress,i think i will call him up one of this days..:)

  6. I actually have the beige Severine Devailly one! I wear it with legging coz it's supa short!one day I hope to wear it with louboutin shoes!!