Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating the Curvaceous Woman

Not only is Toccara Jones known as a plus size model but she was also one of the contestants in a television series titled, America’s Next Top Model.Toccara Jones has been photographed by Steven Meisel and appeared in Lifestyle Magazine and Vogue Italia.

Natalie Laughlin was the very first plus size to make it to the United States edition of Glamour magazine.

The pics below are from a fashion show i had organized sometime back,dubbed curvaceous Fashionista.
Theirs so much talk about the self esteem issue's that come with being curvaceous,the not finding the right dress for occasions vibe.......i think it shuld begin with loving yourself the way you are,not trying so hard to change...(but if their's anything you can do to keep in shape please do it )  don obsess about it,i believe theirs nothing wrong with being curvaceous....You just need the right dress to suit your body and your good to go.
I will be doing tips on how to dress a curvaceous woman soon and a photoshoot to go with it ,so keep it here, and stay faboulas!!

 Sharon Sudi above, is one of  the fierce divas i know who walks the runway with confidence.
Curvaceous and Fabulous!!

The dresses were from JM Fashion House and HinterLand fashion house.

Have a faboulas day.


  1. the average woman is curvy so its nice that designers make clothes for em

  2. i LOVE toccara she's so beautiful!