Friday, March 4, 2011

Give away winner

I know is has taken me such a long time to decide on whom to give this,with so many emails twas confusing ,i just had to do a random pick

The lucky girl is NAOMI MWANGI.
 Thanx y'all for keeping it here,am doing another one soon - a huge goodies bag full of lovely items.

In other news willow smith will be featured in Elle magazine May 2011 issue - women in music
I love this pic,and the skirt is lovely!!

Have a lovely day!


  1. wow, pretty! i sew, but not that good. its absolutely gorgeous!

  2. hey you can inbox the people who follow so that we can give you our email in your inbox instead of writting it on the wall...

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Abeg, give it to me please. My email's Face book name: Chepkorir Mutai. Thanks!! :)