Monday, March 21, 2011

Pants off!!!!

so this morning i was debating within my self whether to put up this post or not...but after what i saw yesterday and many more other days that i have seen this, i just couldn't help it......i saw this well dressed madame yesterday in a figure hugging skirt but one little aspect...who am i kidding, it was not a small aspect, not at all...a showing panty line,...... this can make your whole fabulous outfit look all messy and totally bad......the grandma panty, trust me they look totally & absolutely Getrude Mungai says it being smart starts from the Bra your wearing to the panty's then onto the clothes you put on...and for those who love figure hugging clothes,you would definately do yourself justice by either buying a selection of some shops they go for as little as kshs 350.....yep that cheap .....and for those who say thongs are uncomfortable their some nice ones called boy shorts ,they fit perfectly well under your bum ,meaning no panty lines just hoping not see anymore of those fugly looks anytime soon with soooooo many lingerie and panty shops in Nairobi.......sigh

this will help not show that dreaded panty line....

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  1. this is n awesome post! i watched a Kenya'n chic's video and she had visible panty lines!!! even body shapers help eliminate this catastrophe!x

  2. So true..those pantie lines as fugly as hell and an illegal fashion foul. Is it that ladies do not know that damage control exists or what?

  3. i love this post...very true i dnt know who lies to people at i its sexy!!nohell way its too ugly