Monday, March 14, 2011

The Wonder Bra's

Lots of women don know how to choose a proper Bra,most just try out a bunch of Bra's and buy depending on the brand,the look and the price,mind you an unfitting bra can spoil your outfit.
To get that perfectly fitting Bra you first  need to know your measurements:...damn it took me a long time to know my measurements, anyhu,

1. First you need to measure your bust size,with the help of a friend.
*  Raise your arms out to the sides, forming the letter "T",  measure softly around the back of your bra band and around the fullest part of your bust.

2. Then you need to know your band size,to know this, you measure directly underneath the bust.

3.Lastly you need to know cup size,which can be established by

* Subtracting the band size from the bust size to get the cup size.
* The difference in inches corresponds to the cup size.
* 1" = A Cup, 2" = B Cup, 3" = C Cup, 4" = D Cup, 5" = DD Cup, 6" =

All these tips i was taught by the beautiful shop attendant,of my favorite bra shopping spot,so thanx to her i get to share this..:)

Personally i love padded bra's and strapless for that matter.

I don how to explain this, but i got a bra that has alot of pudding at the bottom...hope you get the picture ..:) it, they are called push ups,for those who aint that big and you still need the cleavage,that particular type does wonders.

My latest buy was this silicone Bra :) :) double smile.... from Lingerie world,Moi Avenue,its just perfect,can be worn with bareback dress/top and it holds up perfectly well..

This monkey kinda thing Bra......Not practical..but aheeeem!!

Now go get yourself that perfect Bra.

Love you'all!!

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  1. great advice dear. the silicone bra you got is cool. I'll visit that shop.