Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lets talk about sex .

I know you clicked on this link thinking...what tha heck...and am telling you "yea the heck".......i attended Getrude Mungai's Tettezo women's fun club yesterday evening at Skylux lounge and yea twas intresting,i believe am a changed woman for the benefit of the special guy who will marry me..:)  jokes aside i think its worth going ladies ,and lucky me i got to take a photo with Mrs.Mungai and also a short interview.
Getrude Mungai is the only sexologist in Kenya and a successful one for that matter,she speaks about bedroom matters in a way i have never heard before...

1.What inspired to start this here in Kenya?
"coz no else does it professionally here in Kenya and also coz most of the women dont have info and the right info for that matter"

2 Did you ever face rejection when your were starting out?
"Alot of rejection,people could not understand the concept and the benefits of  it,some years back i approached a tv station with a tv show proposal but they shied away from it.......but thank God you will soon be seeing me on K24 doing my own show"

3. .Given a chance to choose a different career path what would you be?

"No i would not,not in a million years,what is there not to like about sex? i enjoy sex,have lots of it and also make money out of it as a sexologist"

4 If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the
title should be?

"Lifestyle designer of sex and relationships"

5.Your Ultimate Goal?

" I would love to have a resort/centre for people to work on their relatioships,this could be mother/daughter relationship or Father/son relationships or hubby/wifey relationship"
The look on her face when saying this tells it all...that soon coz i dont believe in latter this resort will be open ,and for sure it wuld be one of a kind centre.....personally am looking forward to the opening of that resort.

In her own words she plans to change the world one woman at a time ...I believe its possibl Mrs.Mungai and am looking forward to the next Tettezo meeting...i will keep y'all ladies updated on the next meeting,trust me its worth going... check her out  here Getrude Mungai

Lovely day!!


  1. wow sexologist in kenya. good for her . although not certified i can be a sex therapist , part of my degree in school. ..serious

  2. wow, I always wondered what those talks were about. I guess I will find out on K24 :)

  3. It's a good thing your taking it. The guy who marries you would be lucky lol :)

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  4. awsome call me wen ua goin nxt tym

  5. I am a counselling psychologist and a sexologist, working in Kenya since 7 years. Contact me for a ladies night! 0724 463 222 Piet Evert van Altena (Dutch by birth, Swiss by passport and Kenyan by heart)