Sunday, March 27, 2011

Online Fashion Magazine in Kenya!!!

Its been a lot of hard work and  lots of fun too putting this project together,while working with a team of really creative minds  : Leon Muli the photographer,Nancie Mwai a Kenyan Fashion blogger/stylist,great services of Kehl Designs and me...

Kasha Magazine will be a free online fashion and lifestyle Magazine that will celebrate Kenyan and African Fashion. The aim will be to spotlight upcoming and established designers, stylists, makeup artist,models,and other forms of art..... The magazine which will be a bi-monthly mag ,will be launched on April 13th,so keep your self posted here  Kasha Magazine on face book.
I am so excited about this new baby...its a dream come true,so more hard work and latest fashion news will be reaching you every now and then from this magazine....
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Love Y'all!!


  1. Interesting =) ...!

    I just ave to tell u that I where in Nairobi six years ago and I really enjoyed it!


  2. good for you guys.waiting to see

  3. Fashion marked,Mbabazi..thanx..:)
    Hope you have liked the page..:)!/kashamagazine

  4. i cant WAIT TO SEE IT!! TOO ANXIOUS!!

  5. Cant wait either... good job!

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