Tuesday, February 22, 2011

weekly fashion snippets

Spotted recently in fishnet tights was none other than the born this way star, Lady gaga,mind you the weather was not all that good and had accecorized her outfit with spiked gloves and pointed nails,the shoes are way outta my league,i would never dare dream of rocking them leave alone think about it,the thought of tripping in them makes me shiver...........This diva never fails to amaze me and in supa huge quotes ..( please dont try to pull off this look,ONLY LADY GAGA CAN.).

Nicki Minaj my favourite fashion icon was recently spotted in a flashy red Lamborghini complete with vertical opening doors, her outfit was, of course, equally as eye-catching,with her signature pink lipstick.I like her daring sense of style,offcourse i dont have the guts to pull off blue,white or orange hair,thats why i salute this Harajuku Barbie.

Couldnt help but notice Beyonces's shoe ...which she wore during the NBA all star game...Damn i love it...

Good girl gone bad Ms.Rihanna recently turned 23years, gave a provocative perfomance at the NBA all star game.This is after she caused controversy in the UK late last year when her performance on the hit reality show X Factor caused lots of people to complain to the television watchdog,many called it 'disgusting'....Hmmmmm yea i think i would say the same if i had a teen or kid watching her all almost naked...i love Riri but off late she has gone really bad from the good girl .

Have a fashionable day!
Love y'all

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  1. only lady gaga can pull off that look. beyonces shoes are fierce.

  2. i love riri even with her performances! Beyonce's shoes have not been released yet! Jealous!x

  3. Any shoe with a red sole (Christian Louboutin) is loved by me.... I am still saving up that money i have to get it............. Lady Gaga there can only have one of her species