Friday, February 4, 2011

How far can you go for beauty?

Plastic surgery is here to stay and many,many,many celebrities are doing it to "perfect" themselves as if God didnt do enough....anyway i have nothing personal against it but what happens when it goes wrong,what happens when you do a face job,chin,nose,lips boobs and so on and end up looking ridiculus like this famous fashion guru Donatella Versace who tried to buy some youthfull looks and ended looking......aaaaammm i got no words for her looks now.
Another case of surgery gone bad bad is Jocelyn Wildenstein a wealthy socialite woman who decided to change her looks because of her straying husband.......ok a woman can go to that extent,that sounds totally sick to me...mind you some of this sugeries will cost millions of money to do....
She wanted to look like a big Cat ..sigh...coz her husband loved lions and cats so much,in an effort to see if he could stop straying she decided to look like a cat also,only for it to backfire so bad and get divorced.
anyway not all are so bad,Victoria Beckham looks aaaaaaah ok with her boob job and several others we know.

Donatella Versace,Fashion Designer and Vice President of Versace Group

Jocelyn Wildenstein

This is Amanda Lepore a famous Transexual and and American Model.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Photos : from Google Images


  1. in the end they look very ugly

  2. why go that far with surgery and wierd diets. People a perfect just the way their are. And i wouldn't change for anyone.