Monday, February 28, 2011

Man of the Moment- Anto Neosoul

I love doing interviews and this was just faboulas,i loved every minute of my meeting with this guy,spent a whole afternoon talking to him and for sure i had fun listening to Him and exchanging ideas with this humble guy.Many know him by his stage names Anto Neosoul of Paragasha or in our Local Soap Opera Siri as Bob and the big Hit Shuga as Kennedy.

1 Full Names;

Anthony Mwangi.

2. What was your first experience with Music?

twas love at first hearing,i have always loved music since i was young

3.If one song were to describe you,what wuld it be?

Smooth operator by Sade.............yea ladies He is a smooooooth operator

4.What are your fondest Musical Memories?

This would be perfoming for the retired president when i was in class 5 in 1997,
it felt so special when Mr.Moi asked people to applaude me once more for the good perfomance i had given and went ahead to use me as an example of how young people should use their talents to reach great heights....This is one memory that has remained in my heart...

5.Who is your Favourite Musican?

In Kenya this would be Carol Atemi and internationally it would be Esperanza Spaldings.......Lemi pause right here and say when Anto said this name i looked up from my notebook those of ,,,Anto please get serious and tell me ur kiddding coz i had never heard of this name but after going home and listening to her music i must say she is good,she was voted as the best Jazz artist in the Grammy's 2011.

6. What are your other intrest apart from Music.
a). Reading Fictional books especially from Africa
b). Acting which is the other side of Anthony.

7.Speaking of Acting,tell us about the most memorable perfomances or appearances?

Shuga it is,i really loved working with the crew twas fun to be on set,and also coz twas widely accepted,watched in over 58 countries,was on Mtv,BET and many others....It was also intresting to be in shuga since twas a story line touching on the lives of many about HIV.It was just great to be a part of the cast.

8.So whats cooking in Anto Neosoul's Kitchen?

a). An album is in the making,it will be released by early next year,currently we are finishing on the recordings.......( yeeeaaa an album from Anto Neosoul...i seriously cant wait,am sooo looking forward to own a copy of his album...look up for this coz for sure i know twill be a hit,from my experience his perfomances in Paragasha are waaaaaay supa great for luck of a better word.

b.) This is a pss psss hot newz from me, he will be appearing in an upcoming soap opera in Kenya...according to Anto,twill be a great hit,coz the story line is absouletly faboulas.....that coming from Anto's mouth makes me want the days to fast pace for us to see the premier of this be on the look out,will keep y'all all posted on this.

9.Several things that people don know about you?

a.) i was a nominee in 2009 Mtv MAMA Awards category My Video award,which was for new comers

B.) He for sure told me alot of stuff which in my own words will be, he is a humble guy,fame hasnt gotten in his head and he is always thankfull to God for these far that He is.
Its rare to find a young man who acknowledges God in all his ways and Anto does this,i salute you for this Anto,putting God first in all you do

10...This question i asked coz i knew lots Ladies wuld want to Know.
Q.) Are you dating?
....The question got Anto smiling and got me even more facebook options....He said its complicated AND HE IS READY TO MINGLE...........there we go ladies..:)

11.) Advice to Upcoming Artiste/aspiring actors?

I liked his first answer to this.....

- If your thinking of geting into this for the money or fame then your in the wrong place,try other get rich quick schemes....acting/music is about patience,lots of working hard/smart,being respectful to all people and above all its about not expect to much, to early,too soon and do not let the change ( fame ) get into your head when you make it.

Anto Neosoul...doing what he does best..

Thats the Man of the Moment ,a young man,making it big with his talent,its all about passion knowing what you want in life and pursing it without detering. He is come from far to be where he is today and is still going to greater heights...just watch His pace.

Catch up with Anto Neosoul every month doing Paragasha...i will be keeping you posted on the venues and dates.


  1. he sounds really talented and amazing!

    i also love esperanza spalding & sade!

  2. am going for the next paragasha! 4 real!!! love a person who has passion for what they do!x