Sunday, March 13, 2011

I like to call her Diana Simbaress- The FOA Kenyan Finalist

 I like to call her Diana Simbaress- --for those who dont understand, simbaress means a lioness - she's got the courage,the body,the character and a smile that always lights up a room.She did Kenya proud during the Face of Africa 2010 by being among the top ten finalist..

1. I’ve read that you design, model, and you are also a writer. How do you balance all this on day to day basis? What is your schedule like?

My schedule is very crazy! I am up by 6. I like to catch the 6am news on KTN as I sip my coffee just for the first 15 minutes before hitting the shower and heading to work at 7am. My day time is spent at work where am either in the edit suite or out in the field on a shoot. I walk around with my sketch pad so am always sketching designs from dresses, to pants, to bikinis. Amidst my crazy schedule I get 2 hours every Wednesday and Friday to attend aikido self-defense classes which is like going to the gym for me. I am not doing any commercial writing now but the research is equally time-consuming. I mean, it’s crazy

2. You participated in Face of Africa…tell us about the experience

First of all, wow!!! It was amazing. I don’t know where to begin! Ok, we were 2 Kenyans in the boot camp and 24 girls from 12 African countries. Everyone seemed so unique but it was a competition, and everyone tried to get their good game on. We had in-house challenges at photo shoots, little contests, we were constantly being monitored and had to let the chaperone know where we were. I called off my semester to take part in the Mnet FOA! It was almost prestigious to have been selected. I posed with a snake! I met Jose Borain, a Calvin Klein model and now a top South African photographer. I worked with Andiswa Manxiwa, Jan Malan, David Tlale, Mustafa Hassan Ali… We were jetsetters, flying to Mombasa, to Jo’Burg, to Dar es Salaam then to Lagos… It was like being in a whirlwind for me but I must say am proud of myself having gotten to the top 10. It was not easy!

3. Which is the most memorable fashion show you ever participated in?

The most memorable Fashion shows I have ever participated in would have to be the Swahili Fashion Week and FAFA Fashion for Peace 2008

 Diana Nekoye there posing with Naomi Campbell

4. We are all looking forward to the launch of Simbaress fashion line… Give us a hint of what to expect and when the launch will be?

I am also looking forward to the launch of Simbaress Fashions!!! I have the designs, breaking the market is tough especially when it’s a side project. I have decided to try and get everything set, in good pace. You wouldn’t want to see just anything… I would like to showcase fashionable pieces. Patience is what I would tell most of my fans. And expect trendy African prints in the first collection.

5. There is a fire. You have two minutes to grab three favorite items out of your closet. What do you grab?

My Gucci heels

6. Given a chance to raid a celebrity of your choice closet… Who would it be?
Drew Barrimore

7. What is your ultimate dream?
To achieve happiness in life

8. A word of wisdom to everyone looking up to you?
Live, help, love. 

Thats Diana Flying the Kenyan Flag high in China during the Miss Bikini International .

Finally am looking forward to the launch of her collection,cant wait to have a few of Simbaress collections in my closet.Keep it here will tell you when the big launch is happening.

Lovely Day Y'all


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  4. id you know that 2 in every 8 women are walking around with the wrong bra size on? We really need to talk about this :-)

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