Monday, July 25, 2011


Its been a long journey for me,at times i just didnt believe in myself other times i thought what i was doing was wrong and could never make anything for myself out of it,but with time i have come to learn that my love for fashion is not seasonal,its what keeps me going day to day,working hard to realize my dream.

I did my first collection late last all started like a joke,i used to do something like one dress in every two weeks,crazy enough all the dresses i did  were my size,for those of you who know me better am a size 4 or 6 ..ok, i don know,but i did that collection for me only..i had no plans of selling anything,untill my friends who are similar size started buying my cloths off my body,..i sold almost everything and left afew pieces....In the same year i met a fashion stylist ,who has turned out to be my good friend and motivator Nancie mwai..this diva, kept hammering into my head that i should do another collection,every now and then, she would drop a word of how she couldnt understand why i am an accountant,anyway i took her word and started working on another collection.To be honest i didnt actually have a theme for my new collection when i started,i have just been going one step at time,doing a dress at a time,of whatever comes to my mind,am yet to give it a name,though i have already done a shoot and am planning on posting up soon.i guess all a trying to say is it takes passion and love to keep going even when it doesnt make sense,for us who are in this parts of Africa ,know how hard it is to penetrate the Fashion Industry,but thats not gona deter me from doing the best of what i know i can do.I have been following Tyrese on twiter and the guy has some deep tweets....some that make you wona go that extra mile to realize your dream......this tweet from him made me wake my bum up from my comfort zone ( you don want it bad enough thats why you don have it) i don wona sit in my office feeling comfortable coz ma salary can pay the bills,i want to go that extra mile and follow my passion of having my own label YES, i said it, my own label...i know am starting small and am in the learning  process of being a perfect designer but each day,each move i make this days is all towards my goal....
I want it so bad ,that it keep me awake in the night,to be honest most the designs in my new collection i came up with them in the weee hours of the not gona stop till i get there....even the biggest names in the industry started from starting point is the passion in ma heart ...
All i can say is Follow your passion......your talent can pay the bills and give you that dream life that you want.......thats what i believe in.

I will be posting up the new collection before the end of the week...keep it here
Lots of love


  1. thnx 4 sharing ur inspiration to all

  2. can't wait to see the new collection!

  3. hang in there and your dreams will come through..:)

  4. am liking this vibe keep on keeping on!