Friday, July 8, 2011

cheap is not always bad - mixed prints

This is the cheapest dress i have ever owned ever....i passed by Toy market about two weeks ago and couldnt help but pick this dress....ok, i actually didnt choose it for myself,i was in Company of Ms.Nancie and Ms.Lydia...and they know something hot when they see it...this dress was like size 20,when i bought it,i actually couldnt figure out how i would wear it but,they convinced me it would look great.
I took it to my tailor for afew adjustements and i love the end result,am in love with my 15bob dress..:)
Yep ,twas that cheap!! Toy market is the place to go for this kinda bargains....


  1. I love this dress.. its so cool, especially the print. and you got it for how much again??? You lucky girl..

  2. The print is so awesome....20 bob? That is an incredible deal... It was nicely re-done too...I would have never guessed it was 10 times larger....Love it!

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