Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrating my 100+ post!

I have been blogging since late January and i must say its a fun thing to do,have gotten lots of support from my good good friends and fellow bloggers, so am thinking i should do a give away soon to celebrate might be small but its a milestone to be coupled up with over 14k views,Thanx y'all for keeping it here and checking up on my blog every time i post..Apart from a giveaway was thinking of doing a small fashionistas party...:) just thinking.
Some of my Favourite Blogs that i have been checking out and getting more inspired.
1.Style By stylifiq   The Best DIY'S ever

2.Zarna's Runway   she got maad style,and i love

3Bryan Boy   I simply envy his style and lifestyle

4.FBI   I love her style and all her shoes are to be envied

5.The Fashion Notebook  She taught me alot when i was starting out my blog.I salute her coz she's got STYLE i mean STYLE...i envy her guts!

I can go on and on coz i have more than 100 blog lists that i read daily..they are all great and i enjoy checking all of them,but thanx to y'all for making it happen for me.This time around i will do a goodie bag giveaway so lots of good good things in that bag,will post it up next week.
Lots of Love and stay Fashionable!
Enjoy your weekend coz i know i will!


  1. yeeey, happy for you, and thanx a lot fro checking on my blog, really means a lot that you like my work. bless you.

  2. 100 posts in just 1 year. Niiice! When are you going commercial with your designs, would like to place an order!

  3. Yaaay! Congratulations...We have come a long way as Kenyan and African bloggers. Here's to Fashion Amira great success and beautiful milestones :-)
    PS;Thanks for the mention! Can we wait till I get home for the party? :-(

  4. yaaay babes! I know the feeling of making it to your 100th post! wow! Thank you.xx

  5. Congratulations! I just started my own style blog and I really hope I can stick to it till my 100th post! I think your style is GORGE and I envy your body! =] Sorry, I haven't commented before but I intend to comment more in the future.

    OMG I love Zarna too! She's amazing.

  6. Thanx for stopping by Angel,congrats on your blog,will check it up....:)