Friday, April 1, 2011

Taking a Healthy Break!!

I have been on leave for the past three days and totally enjoying myself,.......apart from the few times my workmates have called wanting to confirm something...nkktt......independence shuld be the word here...... waking up at 9,taking breakfast in a very relaxed way....( this is a special one for me because on a normal day i dont take breakfast) then taking shower and heading out to diferent spots to relax my mind...i beliv i am more creative than i was before the break...physk.....anyhu it got me thinking  as to how i can always feel this fresh and rejuvinated every a 10minutes or even 15minutes trick, to get me relaxing after a hard day of work.
I actually passed by Village market the other day, in this shop they sell candles and soaps...Aromatherapy soaps n candles to be specific....i bought the Lavender scented aromatherapy candles,like 5 just wondering on what kind of setting i shuld light them up since i don have a bathtub...maybe the way Merlin does it in the movies while chanting a spell.....:) am not sure ....was thinking around my living room.....while lying on my favourite couch...

Anyhu i read some of these things that i think wuld help to relax after a hard day at work

1. scents and fragrances of your choice can dramatically change your mood. You can try using lemon, lavender or chamomile aroma to your bath tub if you have one and if you dont like me, try to add them  to your surrounding for a pleasant atmosphere,which can be very effective.

2.. Make a hot cup of coffee or tea for yourself. Take some snacks or cookies with it. Your taste buds help boosting up your body to a great extent. You can also take some fruit juices or a plate of fresh veggies if you like ..or even crisps,icecream or a  piece of cake....and just in case you are dieting ......treat your self for once to these goodies..:)..bad advice i knooooow

Real temption right here....damn i takes serious strength to say no to one of this.....who am kidding i have no restriction whosoever  to what i eat......

3.Another step you should take towards relaxation is to get rid of your working clothes and shoes instantly as they keep your mind in stress. Wash your hands and face with fresh water and wear something comfortable of your choice. i personally prefer some shorts and my boyfriends vest......whatever you choose  make sure it makes your body relaxed and calm...

4.Then go on to your daily household chores while listening to your favourite music,i love listening to casting crowns and Third day my favourite bands...helps me relax

Have a relaxed weekend!!

lots of love


  1. i agree with the scent thing i do dat always n lavender is perfect