Sunday, June 3, 2012


Shamim Nabil was the lucky girl crowned Miss world Kenya 2012.The event was at the film studios and people had really stepped out in style.I got to see the reigning Miss world and so many fabulous people from the fashion industry.Eabl did a good job in sponsoring the event which was a huge improvement from what we saw last year.Terry Mungai of Ashelys did a great job with the girls too ,i have never met her personally but from the videos we saw, you can just tell that she is a great woman, i salute her for bringing the Franchaise to where it is now.
 The good news is that i got to dress the winning girl ....yep the final gown above that Miss Shamim Nabil wore was by Wambui Mukenyi .I was so excited to be part of the team dressing up the contestants during the final gala.I must say big thanks to John Kaveke  who called me up to be part of the team.I got the chance to have 3 of my gowns on the final gala  presentation.Many Thank to John Kaveke whom i adore and look up to.

Photo courtesy of Thomson Photography check them on facebook here ..Thomson Photography

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