Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Step- Something New

                                            Her Cute smile adds a glow to the whole pic
                                    Their's Gabby clapping for herself after the shoot
                                          and she can actually pull some ninja moves

Hey Fashion lovers,

This is a preview of the new items we shall be stocking very soon, yep we have decided to look into this direction-making babies look all more lovely.
The items will be up for pre-order next week and will be also available in Baby House online store
We are so excited about these and the response that we have had so far is awesome.
Keep it here for the updates


  1. Awwwww....
    Cute does not even begin to describe this.
    Nice work Wambui.

  2. Hi Wambui

    I am now instantly in love with your collection and when i saw the baby one i was in cloud nine :-)
    First hats off, you are an amazing designer. :-)
    Now to the juicy stuff :-)
    I will be arriving in Nai middle Dec and i have to come visit your shop.
    For myself and for my 2 yr old daughter.
    I can see we have found a home for her too ;-)
    Please tell me where you are located.

    God bless

  3. Hello Ceri.

    Thank you :)

    we are located in highridge, Diamond Plaza 2nd floor of the main building.

    see you around :D